We're turning the tide.


At BettaF!sh, our priority is conserving the oceans. We are achieving that by building a whole new industry of impact-enhanced foods based on seaweed. Our TU-NAH tastes and looks just like tuna, but is 100% plant-based. Seaweed cultivation itself is regenerative and a sustainable alternative to fishing. This means you can continue to enjoy your favorite "seafood" guilt-free.


We’re team ocean.

We’re bringing the super ingredient seaweed to the forefront. Bursting with great taste, nutritional value and environmental impact, it’s the hero of our TU-NAH and offers coastal communities new, more sustainable income opportunities.
Time to taste the ocean!


9.49 kg

Of bycatch was saved with just our first delivery of BettaF!sh TU-NAH Sandwiches and Pizza TU-NAH.


65.3 kg

Of CO2 was removed from the atmosphere in 2021, all thanks to the seaweed we grow.


20 fish

That’s how many bluefin tuna we saved in 2021, just by leaving them be.


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