When it comes to protecting our oceans, the tide is turning.


At Bettaf!sh, we're looking out for our seas, always searching for ways to keep them afloat. Our TU-NAH tastes and looks just like tuna. What’s the difference? It’s made with seaweed and legumes. To get pacific, we’re 100% plant-based and high in protein. As a sustainable alternative to fishing, we're solving some big maritime challenges. So you can enjoy your favourite seafood, without it costing the world. Join our bite-sized revolution.


We’re team ocean.

We’re bringing super ingredient seaweed to the surface. Bursting with great taste, nutritional value and environmental impact, it’s the hero of our TU-NAH products. Our seafood substitute products give fishing communities a fresh form of business. And they bring a taste of the oceans to everyone.


9.486 kg

Of bycatch was saved with just our first delivery of BettaFf!sh sandwiches and pizza.


65.3 kg

Of CO2 was removed from the atmosphere in 2021, all thanks to the seaweed we grow.


20 Fish

That’s how many bluefin tuna we saved in 2021, just by leaving them be.


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