The tastiest f!sh is made from seaweed.

Let us tell you why we love seaweed:

For the climate. And our oceans.

Seaweeds are a zero-input crop. They grow extremely fast and only require sunshine and seawater to grow — that means no farmland, pesticides, fertilizer or fresh water. Furthermore, they sequester CO2 and convert it into oxygen, providing other marine life with a nutrient-rich environment and a bountiful habitat! Speaking of life, no tuna fish are caught in the making of TU-NAH. Nor dolphins, turtles or other species which all too often end up in fishing nets as bycatch along with tuna. Instead, we allow them to continue swimming freely.

For coastal regions

Our seaweeds grow in the crystal-clear waters off of Europe's Irish and Norwegian coasts. Our seaweed farmers in Norway used to fish for salmon. Now, they put more seaweed in the ocean, rather than taking fish out of it. And that's a good thing for biodiversity, fish stocks and for us all, as healthier coastal regions help mitigate climate change.

For the food industry

We are the leading partner for innovative ingredients from European brown algae in the food industry and pet food market!

In a world that is increasingly looking for sustainable and healthy alternatives, we offer a ground-breaking range of ingredients that not only delight the palate but also protect the environment. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of food through the power of seaweed.

Our unique ingredients, developed from carefully selected European brown seaweed, bring a wealth of benefits:

  • Seafood and fish flavor profiles: Our ingredients make it possible to incorporate the authentic taste of seafood and fish into your products without having to resort to unnatural additives. And the best thing? You can declare them as clean-label.

  • Umami enhancement and salt reduction: Our ingredients are masters at enhancing umami components and reducing the use of salt without compromising on taste.

  • Valuable minerals and fiber: In addition to their delicious taste, our ingredients also provide a wealth of valuable minerals and fiber that contribute to a balanced diet.

For eating betta

Our population is growing and if we want to feed everyone sustainably, we need to find new solutions. Land space for farming is limited, yet our world is covered 70% by oceans that offer vast potential for cultivating future foods. Seaweeds are also healthy: They're rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals like iodine, calcium and iron, and have anti-inflammatory and antioxidative properties. And, importantly, they are delicious! The seaweeds in TU-NAH taste just like the ocean. Put simply, we're helping everyone to eat betta!

For the future

Most of our operations take place behind the scenes: We conduct deep research into the visual, textural and taste properties of seaweeds, as well as new processing methods. Sustainability drives our decisions and in particular we take care to minimize distances, water use and waste. We source our European ingredients responsibly and use fava beans low in water consumption. Our seaweeds are also blanched using sea water. Next on our agenda ís improving our packaging and energy consumption for a delicious plant-based future that also contributes to fixing the climate.

Your satisfaction is our impact


134 tons of tuna fish saved

by leaving them in peace to swim in the oceans.


136 tons of bycatch avoided

because we don't need to conduct any fishing activities to make our products.


12 tons of seaweed used

in the products we've sold so far.

Ocean Architechts

Cultivating seaweed protects our coastal regions, reduces maritime traffic in these areas and brings the nutrients in our oceans back into balance.

Water Guardians

Only seawater is required to cultivate and process seaweed. This allows us to conserve precious fresh water.

Biodiversity Boosters

Seaweed farms provide a bountiful habitat for marine life, thus boosting biodiversity in our oceans.

Efficient Feeders

If we used just 2% of the oceans for seaweed cultivation, we'd double current land crop yields while avoiding damaging fishing practices.

Seaweed for your food application

You'd also like to give your product a sustainability boost with seaweed? Get in touch with us - we also sell our seaweed as a basic product for the food industry!

I want seaweed!

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals

This is how we — with your help — contribute to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Priority #1 is protecting our oceans and their fishy inhabitants.

We offer climate-friendly alternatives, as seaweeds sequester CO2.

Seaweed cultivation is more efficient than fishing or conventional land farming.