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Taste the

BettaF!sh stands for healthier oceans and a mouth-watering, plant-based future.

Our TU-NAH tastes like tuna, looks like tuna, and is an all-rounder, just like the original.

An ocean of possibilities!

With our plant-based BettaF!sh TU-NAH Spreads, you can make vegan alternatives to all your favorite tuna dishes. They're not just incredibly tasty, but also sure to win you over with their remarkably authentic fishy flavor. And they couldn't be simpler to use!

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Buoy, have we got news for you!


Taste the ocean.

Whether it's a quick bite to eat or a date night for two, we're bringing the flavors of the ocean to the table.

Tastes like tuna.

Made from plants.

  • 100% plant-based and high in protein

  • Sustainable fava beans sourced from Europe

  • Hand-grown seaweed

  • A healthy portion of iodine

  • No preservatives 

  • No added sugar

  • No methylcellulose

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Time to taste the ocean!

We’re bringing the super ingredient seaweed to the forefront. Bursting with great taste, nutritional value and environmental impact, it’s the hero of our TU-NAH and offers coastal communities new, more sustainable income opportunities.


We’re reeling in the praise

“ This is the first legume-based animal protein alternative I couldn’t stop eating. It was actually not just good, but delicious.”

David Zilber /

Ex-Head of Fermentation at Noma Copenhagen


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