TU-NAH for the
food industry and manufacturers

TU-NAH is a 100% plant-based alternative to tinned tuna and an all-rounder – just like the fishy original. It’s optimized for industrial use and professional kitchen settings.

Below you’ll learn more about:

  • Product characteristics

  • Formats

  • Our success stories

  • Co-branding options

  • Alternative seafood market insights

  • Certifications

  • Impact & ESG Goals

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Optimized for industrial use

  • Authentic taste & texture thanks to European seaweed

  • Competitive price

  • High-quality ingredients only (no methyl cellulose, GMOs, soy or wheat)

  • Source of protein & omega-3 fatty acids

  • No flavor enhancers or artificial flavors

Versatile just like the canned original:

  • Ready-to-eat and heat-resistant up to 400 °C

  • For hot & cold dishes including:

  • Pizza & baked goods

  • Canapes & finger food

  • Delicatessen

  • Convenience and food-to-go

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These partners already love working with us:

"In BettaF!sh, we have found a reliable partner for our vegan creations. The tuna alternative helps us to broaden our menu even further and goes perfectly with our pizza and pasta. The TU-NAH pizza and, above all, the TU-NAH ravioli produced in our pasta manufactory are very popular with our vegan guests!"

Juliane Thiemann,

Head of Product Management

"The Veganuary Collab between BettaF!sh and DB Bord-Gastronomie was a complete success for the senses and conscience. This partnership proves that sustainable indulgence can be achieved in the out-of-home gastronomy!"

André Meisel,

Category Manager Food DB Fernverkehr AG

"With BettaF!sh as part of our Veganuary campaign, we have been able to refresh our brand image and successfully reach a new generation of pizza lovers. TU-NAH instead of tuna has also increased our sustainability performance — we are proud of the positive social and environmental impact we have achieved through our partnership."

Christin Selle,

Head of Marketing, Pizza Hut Deutschland

Best of both worlds: co-brand with us

  • Plant-powered impact: Sustainability that doesn't compromise on taste to help you reach your ESG goals.

  • Fulfil consumers' needs: Household brands use our TU-NAH to modernize their product portfolio and attract new customers.

  • Portfolio update: Boost your image by partnering up with us! Our BettaF!sh brand is renowned for being delicious, innovative and sustainable.

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Your impact by replacing 10 tons of tuna with TU-NAH

20 tons of tuna fish saved

20 tons of by-catch spared

1.4 tons of seaweed used

170 kg of CO2 absorbed

Why you should hop on board...

...and ride the wave with us:

  • According to consumer trend reports, alternatives must be above all tasty, affordable, and contain clean ingredients. We deliver on all three.

  • The mainstream is now flexitarian. Work with us to meet their new needs and drive your profits: The alternative seafood market is expected to accelerate rapidly in the next few years.

Data source: Good Food Institute

“Plant-based fish is one of the most lucrative plant-based-food categories of the future - include plant-based fish in your product range!”

Smart Protein Report /

“Plant-based foods in Europe: How big is the market?" (No 862957) (2021), p. 28

We have everything in place for you

Gold standard: With strong production partners on hand, we are able to scale fast and produce large quantities, all while maintaining our excellent product quality,

71 %

of the planet is covered by sea

60 %

of all fish stocks are overfished

75 %

of all commercial species are endangered

Reach your ESG goals

Hit your sustainability targets with BettaF!sh:

  • Take destructive seafood out of your supply chains

  • Employ raw materials with a net positive impact (lower water use, soil degradation) at competitive prices

  • Make your supply chains more resilient by creating alternatives from seaweed

  • Be part of the solution

Seaweed for your food application

We are the leading partner for innovative ingredients from European brown algae in the food industry and pet food market!

In a world that is increasingly looking for sustainable and healthy alternatives, we offer a ground-breaking range of ingredients that not only delight the palate but also protect the environment. Our mission is to revolutionize the world of food through the power of seaweed.

Our unique ingredients, developed from carefully selected European brown seaweed, bring a wealth of benefits:

  • Seafood and fish flavor profiles: Our ingredients make it possible to incorporate the authentic taste of seafood and fish into your products without having to resort to unnatural additives. And the best thing? You can declare them as clean-label.

  • Umami enhancement and salt reduction: Our ingredients are masters at enhancing umami components and reducing the use of salt without compromising on taste.

  • Valuable minerals and fiber: In addition to their delicious taste, our ingredients also provide a wealth of valuable minerals and fiber that contribute to a balanced diet.

The versatility of our ingredients makes it possible to develop creative applications and recipes that take your products to a new level. The application is suitable for purely vegan applications and hybrid products. We are happy to develop the perfect application for your requirements, but our vision goes beyond the purely commercial aspect. We firmly believe that increasing the use of algae in the diet can have a positive impact on our planet. By working together with other food producers, we strive to reach even more people and achieve climate goals together. Discover the limitless possibilities our innovative seaweed ingredients can bring to your products. Let's shape the future of the food industry together and drive sustainable change!

I want seaweed!

Did you know?

European seaweed is our most important ingredient, as it is what lends our TU-NAH its unmistakably fishy flavor!

Affordable and deliciously authentic, for a tasty, plant-based future!

Seaweed: the zero-input-crop

Vital nutrients & proteins

Supporting coastal communities

Increased biodiversity