TU-NAH for the
food industry and manufacturers

TU-NAH is a 100% plant-based alternative to tinned tuna and an all-rounder – just like the fishy original. It’s optimized for industrial use and professional kitchen settings.

Below you’ll learn more about:

  • Product characteristics

  • Formats

  • Our success stories

  • Co-branding options

  • Alternative seafood market insights

  • Certifications

  • Impact & ESG Goals

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Optimized for industrial use

  • Authentic taste & texture thanks to European seaweed

  • Competitive price

  • High-quality ingredients only (no methyl cellulose, GMOs, soy or wheat)

  • Source of protein & omega-3 fatty acids

  • No flavor enhancers or artificial flavors

Versatile just like the canned original:

  • Ready-to-eat and heat-resistant up to 400 °C

  • For hot & cold dishes including:

  • Pizza & baked goods

  • Canapes & finger food

  • Delicatessen

  • Convenience and food-to-go

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These partners already love working with us:

"In BettaF!sh, we have found a reliable partner for our vegan creations. The tuna alternative helps us to broaden our menu even further and goes perfectly with our pizza and pasta. The TU-NAH pizza and, above all, the TU-NAH ravioli produced in our pasta manufactory are very popular with our vegan guests!"

Juliane Thiemann,

Head of Product Management

"The Veganuary Collab between BettaF!sh and DB Bord-Gastronomie was a complete success for the senses and conscience. This partnership proves that sustainable indulgence can be achieved in the out-of-home gastronomy!"

André Meisel,

Category Manager Food DB Fernverkehr AG

"With BettaF!sh as part of our Veganuary campaign, we have been able to refresh our brand image and successfully reach a new generation of pizza lovers. TU-NAH instead of tuna has also increased our sustainability performance — we are proud of the positive social and environmental impact we have achieved through our partnership."

Christin Selle,

Head of Marketing, Pizza Hut Deutschland

Best of both worlds: co-brand with us

  • Plant-powered impact: Sustainability that doesn't compromise on taste to help you reach your ESG goals.

  • Fulfil consumers' needs: Household brands use our TU-NAH to modernize their product portfolio and attract new customers.

  • Portfolio update: Boost your image by partnering up with us! Our BettaF!sh brand is renowned for being delicious, innovative and sustainable.

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Your impact by replacing 10 tons of tuna with TU-NAH

20 tons of tuna fish saved

20 tons of by-catch spared

1.4 tons of seaweed used

170 kg of CO2 absorbed

Why you should hop on board...

...and ride the wave with us:

  • According to consumer trend reports, alternatives must be above all tasty, affordable, and contain clean ingredients. We deliver on all three.

  • The mainstream is now flexitarian. Work with us to meet their new needs and drive your profits: The alternative seafood market is expected to accelerate rapidly in the next few years.

Data source: Good Food Institute

“Plant-based fish is one of the most lucrative plant-based-food categories of the future - include plant-based fish in your product range!”

Smart Protein Report /

“Plant-based foods in Europe: How big is the market?" (No 862957) (2021), p. 28

We have everything in place for you

Gold standard: With strong production partners on hand, we are able to scale fast and produce large quantities, all while maintaining our excellent product quality,

71 %

of the planet is covered by sea

60 %

of all fish stocks are overfished

75 %

of all commercial species are endangered

Reach your ESG goals

Hit your sustainability targets with BettaF!sh:

  • Take destructive seafood out of your supply chains

  • Employ raw materials with a net positive impact (lower water use, soil degradation) at competitive prices

  • Make your supply chains more resilient by creating alternatives from seaweed

  • Be part of the solution

Seaweed for your food application

You'd also like to give your product a sustainability boost with seaweed? Get in touch with us - we also sell our seaweed as a basic product for the food industry!

I want seaweed!

Did you know?

European seaweed is our most important ingredient, as it is what lends our TU-NAH its unmistakably fishy flavor!

Affordable and deliciously authentic, for a tasty, plant-based future!

Seaweed: the zero-input-crop

Vital nutrients & proteins

Supporting coastal communities

Increased biodiversity