Our latest plant-based alternative to hot smoked salmon: Just like the original, SAL-NOM is om nom nom delicious and tastes authentically like the ocean, thanks to seaweed!

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An ocean of possibilities!

Our fish alternatives taste just like the original and look deceptively similar. Thanks to seaweed and plant proteins from fava beans and peas, BettaF!sh TU-NAH and SAL-NOM taste authentically like the ocean – 100% plant-based, rich in protein, and free from soy and wheat.

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Time to taste the ocean

Seaweed belongs on all our plates. It grows in great diversity in all oceans and too rarely finds its way into our diets. Thanks to its great taste, incredible nutritional value, and environmental friendliness, it rightly plays the leading role in our fish alternatives. With all BettaF!sh products, we boost seaweed consumption, provide fishing communities with an alternative business model, and bring more sustainability to food production. So we can all enjoy the mhmmore!


We're reeling in the praise

"This is the first legume-based animal protein alternative I couldn’t stop eating. It was actually not just good, but delicious."

David Zilber

Ex-Head of Fermentation at Noma Copenhagen


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